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Best Apps of 2016

RecipeBook is the new mobile application, available for Android and iOS platforms, that solves cooking dilemmas with a tap of a finger. The new intelligent food recognition technology by Agrima Infotech Ltd. makes searches fast while providing many new ideas for easy cooking and healthy cooking.

RecipeBook has garnered a healthy gain of attention due to its ease of use, large database and innovative technology. The Company reports a large number of downloads within a short span of time along with a massive amount of recognition and awards too.

The platform is built by following Google's material design and basic control panel design. This helps even the laymen to create the recipes and posts in a most accurate and professional manner. There are many templates to select as well to enhance the visual beauty of the platform. Within the platform, one can white label a subdomain in their name. This is why Agrima Infotech Ltd. states “We are here to makes chefs”. Users can also monetize their blogs and receive an income as well. RecipeBook is revolutionary for the way people cook.

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